About ICNA 

Established in 1968, the Islamic Circle of North America was a response to the growing need for a supportive Muslim community in North America. The organization initially focused on educating its growing membership about Islam, the goal being to adhere to Islamic values amongst a religiously diverse community. In the early 70s, ICNA members, the majority of whom were of South Asian descent, focused their efforts on education and personal/spiritual development.

This is a website sells the Islamic literature in bulk for Dawah purposes. We support all Muslim Student Association (MSA) across America. 

  • Who are we?
    ICNA stands for Islamic Circle of North America. It is a grass root organization which supports the need of the growing Muslim community. This website supplements the Dawah initiative to reach out to the masses and educate them about the real Islamic principles according to the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

  • Where are we located?
    We are based out of New Jersey but our local chapters exist all across United States of America.

  • How long we have been in business?
    We have been distributing free literature to people interested in Islam for more than a decade and Alhumdulillah we ship our literature across to globe. This site only support bulk literature for organizations like MSAs, Masajids, Islamic Centers etc. who are in the field of Dawah.

  • Who are the people on our team?
    Alhumdulillah this organization is run by volunteers and 98% of our workforce is all volunteer based.